A Little Bit of Whimsy

November 25, 2011

Do you ever feel a little out of place? Like something’s just a bit off? As if you’ve perhaps slid into an alternate universe in which everything is so very much like what you know that you wouldn’t even know that you were somewhere else except for a few glances out of the corner of your eye in which something is not as expected? I feel like this sometimes. A bit like Alice in Wonderland. It’s occasionally disconcerting, but mostly just a little reminder to be mindful. To not make assumptions. And if I am feeling a bit out of place, to find my way back to where I belong. Finding my way back is a little more difficult when I find myself quite far down the rabbit hole of career choices, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, here are the creatures I’m encountering in my head.

These guys are just deliciously creepy...by Christina Hachatryan

Adelaide Gazelling, by GrandeOleBestiary

Queen Cat...no source found

Rainy Day Rabbit by Magda Trazaski

Rainy Day Rabbit by Magda Trazaski

Deer Heart...can't find a source

Rabbit Mask by Corrine Perier

I wonder which critter is occupying my head.



October 31, 2011

I don’t have a whole lot to say about these pictures, except to note that my eye is continually drawn back to them. Something about the pattern and contrast…

A baby tapir. Such a shame that they lose the spots. (Couldn't track down the original - if anyone knows who the photographer is, I'd love to give them appropriate credit.)

Coverlet reminiscent of Mexican folk art. Oh, the colors are so rich! From here.

Giant Leopard Moth, Austin, TX, by nikkorsnapper on flickr.

Rabbit Paper Cut Art by Elisa Mora

Leaf Cut by Lorenzo Duran

…reminds me of sun-dappled forests. Finally, we have a season other than “armpit” and I can’t get enough.

The long light of fall (couldn't find an image credit),


October 18, 2011

I just love this little guy.

Personal Creature by Ellen

It really resonates. So light and airy and free and hopeful, but if you get too scientific about it, the little bugger should be struggling to achieve takeoff. How does it get off the ground with all those beautiful holes in its wings?

(link to the artist’s etsy page)